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Morgan Giles Estuary Class One-Design 
1973 - £5,450 
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Estuary Class One-Design - 1973 - £5,450 
A GRP version of the 18ft, classically-lined 'Essex One-Design' dinghy that was originally designed by Morgan Giles for use in the the rough waters of the Thames estuary. 
This design shares many features seen in other designs of the 1920-30 era such as a cast iron centreplate weighing approx. 225lbs, and commodious cockpit to accommodate a crew able to sit within, rather than necessarily on the side-decks, while also - in an effort to avoid the complexities associated with the carrying of a spinnaker - being fitted with deck arrangements to be able to pull round (or swing) the jib's luff to windward of the centre-line to present as much sail area to a following wind. 
A fabulous family boat for cruising, racing or camping. 
She will float in about 10 inches of water with the centre plate up and, because of the weight of her centreboard, will happily weather strong winds if left on a mooring. 
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Class Background and Construction: 

To quote from the 'Yachting World and Motor Boating Journal', published in May 1936 ..."The design itself shows a fast hull, somewhat full in the bow, but this very fullness gives them powerful shoulders and accounts for their ability in the short seas of the Thames Estuary. 
The boats have ample free-board, and, as they only draw about a foot they take the ground upright and float safely, even when the wind is at gale force. 
They carry a crew of three, and it is only in very strong winds that the crew have to perform acrobatic antics to keep the boats sufficiently upright to show their paces. When they are knocked down they spill the wind and recover." 
By the mid-1960s the cost of building new wooden boats had become prohibitive. A new glass reinforced plastic (GRP) design was commissioned, based on the old wooden hull plan but cheaper to build, lighter and with modern fittings and buoyancy. This design remains largely unchanged today – a dependably strong but fast hull and a powerful rig with a 30 foot high mast. 
By going to the following website address you will find more background and copy of the Thames Marine brochure for the design. 
Sails & Rigging 
Deck Arrangements and Gear: 


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